damien Minna, B.A.Communications - University of San Diego

"Only a few hours before my accident,

I was jumping off cliffs. Then a simple dive into the water from a boat, because I was hot, would change everything...I entered the shallow water a strong and healthy 24-year-old and floated to the surface a Quadriplegic.”

Considering the severe lesion to Damien's spinal cord after the diving accident, doctors in Las Vegas and Denver gave him little or no chance he’d regain mobility below his neck. He told one doctor at his bedside he didn’t want to hear anything about percentages or odds; he just wanted to know – yes or no – had any person with his injury ever walked again?

Yes, the doctor said,

...and so began his fight.


Unlocking hidden potential through belief strategies



After many years of struggling to find happiness, and purpose following a spinal cord injury - I did it! I finally figured it out and I want to share it with as many people as possible...





In 2014 Damien and his Wife Rebecca sold all of their personal belongings and set out on an incredible journey. A journey exploring Eastern healing on the Islands of Indonesia.

Check out their Vlogs capturing how they figure out wheelchair life in a completely inaccessible country, life in a rural jungle, and 

therapy with a Shaolin healer.  

The Indonesian vlog

watch the book trailer!

This book will take you on the journey of a man who went from a division one athlete to a devastating circumstance.
An incredible story of how he overcame severe adversity and found true happiness in a way he never could have imagined.
For anyone who is exploring
meaning, and purpose in life.
For those of you searching for happiness, or just a good story.
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