I've had some exciting recovery since my 2004 accident that left me quadriplegic. If you don't know the definition; from my neck down, COMPLETELY paralyzed. I've regained enough function in my arms to used an adaptive fork, In Indonesia I regained some ability to sweat...


I was a guest on a podcast the other day and it was a walk down memory lane...The dude who interviewed me was a sports caster during my high school championship season and he brought me way back. I'd love it if you'd take a listen.



While living in Indonesia for almost 3 years I had one of these babies nearly everyday. they're hacked open by a hook shaped machete by a local Indonesian on almost every corner. You can even have one delivered to your door for about 3 bucks. While I was just drinking...


There's a shift in the personal care world, and if you were paying attention - I've been on this trip for awhile now, Here's my take on it...


"Letting Go" - Figuring out what this popular suggestion means

Damien moves to a new part of Indonesia with help from some amazing friends and begins a new chapter in his journey...

Music: The Cuff - Red & Blue http://thecuff.bandcamp.com/releases

Damien returnes to Indonesia with some very special things from home and is inspired to try some new things.


Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros - Home

Glass Animals - Jdnt

Damien and Rebecca were only funded for 4 months, and this is the end of that time. We show you some of the progress that he's made and how they're forced to make a decision...Do they find a way to stay or do they go home and continue the life they left.

Music Credit:


Damien and his friends travel to Singapore for a visa run and have some accesibility problems. And FINALLY, they get to enjoy some American food!


Billy Idol

Elle King

This update we combine two weeks that brings an emotional, feel good adventure to the table. Watch how Damien overcomes a HUGE recovery hurdle and see how we celebrate the man who has helped get him there.

Music By:

Mimicking Birds

Citizen Cope

Side story: The song used in...

Damien and his team run into some immigration issues, also they introduce his Italian roots to their Indonesian friends.

Music by:

Eddie Vedder

Alabama Shakes

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