The Coconut Experience

While living in Indonesia for almost 3 years I had one of these babies nearly everyday. they're hacked open by a hook shaped machete by a local Indonesian on almost every corner. You can even have one delivered to your door for about 3 bucks. While I was just drinking them because I enjoyed them, I started to realize I was experiencing several health benefits. Having a spinal cord injury

comes with some weird and annoying health conditions such as: ankle swelling, the inability to regulate my temperature (it was 80 degrees and 90 percent humidity EVERYDAY) and the best one - frequent urinary tract infections. While in Indonesia I literally has none of these fun #sci side effects. I racked my brain to figure out couldn’t be the climate - temperatures and humidity like that would normally CREATE swelling, and overheating with my temperature gauge broken like it is. And I normally have, at the very least, two UTI’s per year and I didn’t have a one while living there. So, I started to pick a part my habits. Long story short, the only variable was adding this nut to my diet. I then started to do more research and I found:

1. Coconut water contains diuretic properties that help prevent urinary tract infections by flushing out bacteria from the urinary tract


2. Coconut water contains high water content and also rich in nutrients that help in preventing and treating dehydration. It also helps replenish the body.

Well that explains it. Apparently there are many more health benefits such as regulating blood sugar levels, great source of fiber, and lowering blood pressure. So, to all my sci friends, try it out and see if you get some benefits - it’s worth a look. To all my other homies, you should check it out too. I only wish here in the states we had locals hacking them open for us on every corner...maybe we can get it into Starbucks? I feel a great idea coming on...



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